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FrameTek Backing Frames

Hills offer a range of quality number plate surrounds. FrameTek is available in four different variants to suit your needs and budget. They can be supplied plain, with mono white print, with full colour print or in beautifully photorealistic HD colour. FrameTek offers double the branding space of a standard lipped plate and our research shows it is 92.4% more visible, allowing you to promote your branding, photos, tactical sales messages and most importantly your contact details, all in one place.

The Range

    • Plain Frame. A high-quality, plain, cost effective, black plastic backing frame. It’s universal fitting suits any vehicle and it is ideal for budget conscious customers
    • Mono Frame. A high-quality black backing frame with a striking white print. Display your dealer name and contact details with real impact. Perfect for the promotion of your company name and details
    • Colour Frame. A high-quality black backing frame with a striking 4 colour print. It’s highly visible and ideal for displaying your brand, contact information and company logo. Perfect for brand promotion
    • HD Frame. An industry first, a frame with high gloss photorealistic HD print. The perfect solution for intricate and detailed imagery as well as your logo, contact details and URL to make a real impact

Product Features

      • Range consists of 4 types of frame
      • Largest branding area of the HILLS product range
      • Plain, Mono, Colour or HD Variants
      • Fits all HILLS standard oblong plates
      • Universal mounting holes fit most vehicles
      • Constructed from durable ABS plastic
      • All fixings are included in the price

Product Benefits

      • Offers nearly double the branding area of lipped plates
      • Allows you to display your logo, strapline and contact details
      • Protects the integrity of the plate as no holes are required
      • Offers an opportunity for increased margin
      • Future proof as an anticipated legislative requirement
      • 12-month warranty


      • FrameTek Frame - no branding bar included code 36109
      • Plain Branding Bar - Plain, no branding code 36110
      • Mono Frame - White text branding bar code 36112
      • Colour Frame - 4 colour printed branding bar code 36113
      • HD Frame - Photo-realistic branded bar code 36114
      • Range of screw fittings available
      • Type 4 backing frame
      • Fix 'n' Clip backing frame

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