Hills Numberplates Ltd

Hills Numberplates Ltd are the UK market leader in the supply of legal number plates and components. Our product portfolio offers customers the choice to make number plates on site or buy readymade plates directly from us.

New E Standard BS AU 145e

You have until 31st August 2021 to ensure the number plates you supply comply to the new E standard, BS AU 145e.


Our People

Our team help to deliver high quality products and excellent customer service.



We pride ourselves on producing legal number plates inline with Government guidance and compliant with the DVLA.


At a Glance

The key to Hills long history and success has been empowering its loyal workforce to manufacture excellence and deliver first class customer service.


Our modern facilities boast computerised production lines driven by a fully integrated order entry system, providing the capacity to produce over 8 million plates per annum.

Technical Support

Our technical staff give immediate support to all our customers who use Hills Printing Systems.


Hills supply number plate components and manufacturing systems in numerous European countries, South East Asia, the Far East and the USA. Positioning Hills as the leading supplier in Europe and the third largest supplier in the world.

Our History

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