Self-Manufactured Plates

Hills provide state of the art equipment and number plate materials that allow customers to make registration plates on site efficiently. With the support of Hills head office every process is easy from ordering components to Technical Support who offer equipment support.


Choose your substrate

(number plate backing)


Aluminium based number plate. This is the latest generation of number plates, 99% recyclable and used by 6 of the top ten UK dealer groups.


Acrylic panels with adhesive


Choose your film/reflective

HD Film

Clear printable PET film. Matched component to MetaTek and HilTek


Matched component to wet Acrylic panels


Printing Equipment

Thermal Print solutions

Number plate printing equipment enables you to make plates on site.

Laminating Board

Used to laminate printed film or reflective to substrate

Easy Print Software

Allows you to type vehicle registration number as per DVLA legislation and includes database to store printed plate number

Finished Plates

Hills Ready Made Plates are manufactured using the latest generation MetaTek technology. Our Ready-Made plates are stronger, lighter and more durable with less environmental impact and 99% recyclable. We also supply Ready-Made plates in combination pairs, an ideal solution when the front and rear plates are different sizes.

Finished Plates

Registration plates manufactured at Hills using MetaTek

Black aluminium press plates

Pre-1973 plates, black aluminium panels with silver pressed lettering

Showroom plates

Corporate branded showroom plates for your forecourt or to promote your business


Full range of number plate fixings to suit most vehicle types

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