MetaTek substrates are a construction of an aluminium panel finished with reflective. This substrate is the latest generation of number plate developed and manufactured by Hills in the UK. It is stronger, lighter and more durable with less environmental impact than any other type of number plate.

Product Features

  • Durable aluminium construction
  • Digital technology
  • Compatible with Hills printing systems
  • Compatible with PlateFix fittings
  • Supplied as ready-made plates or in component form
  • Supplied in various sizes with a range of national flags
  • Conforms to BSAU145d standard

Product Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly and 99% recyclable
  • Aluminium construction can absorb greater impact without breaking
  • Withstands larger variances of temperatures making it stable across the world
  • Ultra smooth plate surface gives superior print clarity
  • Used by 6 of the top ten dealer groups
  • More cost effective than traditional embossed metal plates
  • Lipped versions give your branding superior digital clarity that will last longer on a metal plate

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