Thermal print solutions


Hills offer a range of Thermal Printing solutions that allow you to cost effectively manufacture your own plates on-site. Ideal for those who produce large volumes, they are capable of printing the registration number and black logos. Colour logos and borders are available on pre-printed HD Film and Reflective.
Thermal print solutions

Product Features

  • Technical support available
  • Packages available with printers and laminating boards
  • Plates conform to BSAU145d standard
  • Used to produce MetaTek, HilTek and Acrylic number plates
  • Number plate software available
  • Training and installation included in the package price
  • Print on to HD Film or reflective panels


  • Full range of consumables available from Hills
  • Standard oblong and lipped
  • Lamination system also available

Product Benefits

  • Greater convenience producing your own plates
  • Manufacture oblong and lipped plates
  • Print plates for almost any vehicle
  • Use with pre-printed lipped number plate stock designed with your own branding or messages
  • Easy to use lamination system


  • MetaTek Substrates
  • Acrylic
  • HilTek Substrates
  • HD Film, pre-printed lipped and standard oblong
  • Dry Reflective, pre-printed lipped and standard oblong

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